The Art of Craftsman

According to experts, our ability to remember is less acute than we thought.
But it is memory that gives us our identity and our perception of history. It is a theme which goes beyond the personal and effects the entirety of human experience and its evolution.

Promemoria: the very name itself contains a precise vocation, that of conservation, of not allowing the wealth of talent, ideas and skill to fall to oblivion. On the contrary, to preserve or even reactivate that which seemed lost, to possess the ability of an archeologist who read an entire form by examining tiny fragments. Memories to reaffirm identity, to build a project for the future which hold dear to its heart, the wealth of the past.

The knowledge of materials which requires the refined use of all the senses, the knowledge of a “punto sellaio” stitching which shows an extraordinary perfection, the treatment of wood in harmony with its natural qualities, the work of the stonemason who even today has only a hammer and chisel in his hands. Furthermore, the choice of colour which brings the leather to life, the most sophisticated weaving of fabrics, the transparency of glass and the weight of metal. The Italian craftsman is keeper to all this knowledge and also to an infinity of inventions, a wealth which is constantly envied and sought after. A know-how of geniality and creativity, the re-discovery of ancient working techniques accompanied by a modern industrial approach.

This is what Promemoria represents: a meeting point of artisan and industrialist, the serial and the unrepeatable, rigor and flexibility, rules and exceptions.