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November 2016

Night Tales - New York

Promemoria presented at the New York showroom the new collection inspired by the night, Night Tales: furniture which exalts "the missing part of history", the dark hours and the dreams which proffer visions, passions and are the source of inspiration for the most creative part of the day. Hazy images and shapes to enjoy even in twilight, in the intimacy of a home in its calmest moments.

A true game of revealed secrets, as with the writing desk Au Bout de la Nuit: a sumptuous vision of morado, bronze and moro leather, a treasure chest of elements which hide from sight and then reveal themselves to be admired. Embedded handles, open, LED lit compartments, hidden drawers in the writing surface for electric sockets. The same intense presence emanates from Nightwood, an elegant background to our emotions and thoughts. A piece which has been designed and produced because in a world which tends towards the virtual, bookcases are important, and thankfully will always grace our homes.

The collection includes pieces that are much smaller but whose personality is just as strong. Vespertine, for instance: a chair that’s lightweight, unobtrusive, easy to move about. A distinctive character and a very clean-cut design. The version with armrests adds an element of surprise and movement, with the bronze radiating opulence; the streamlined shapes made of stained beechwood, and the divergence of two confident colors, form the focal point. Rachele, in bronze, mahogany and hammered leather, has a leaner profile but is just as assertive: a contrast of softness and the extreme firmness of bronze, a tension between straight lines and rounded profiles — the backrest’s curvature echoing that of the seat exactly. Petit Nyx and Grand Nyx are lightweight and extremely easy to carry. Two sizes for a true classic, the folding picnic stool, graced with new flair: black stained satin maple wood, a leather seat, exquisite bronze details. Two sizes for Momus, too: made of leather or brown mahogany wood, with a bronze profile around the top and bronze again at the base. With furniture such as this to create our own reading corner, with the writing desk and the bookcase and the chairs, the cozy atmosphere of our home becomes imbued with a touch of the night’s mysteries.

And so the new night collection, presented in Milan, London and Paris, became the protagonist at the New York showroom.

Night Tales Collection US Preview
Thursday November 3rd 2016 from 10am to 6pm

Promemoria USA
The Fine Arts Building, 232 East 59th Street, 5th floor
New York

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