The quintessential colors of the holidays are red and gold, shades with a strong character that become the protagonists of the room with all their elegance. Gold is the color of light, energy and wealth, a color that conveys warmth and strength. The red, typical of Holidays, is powerful and warm, and a symbol of vitality and enthusiasm.

White, the first among all colors, conveys feelings of purity and peace. White is the color of firmness, a symbol of freedom, of a new beginning.

Cozy winter

The combination of refined finishes and warm colors creates a charming atmosphere.

Will o' Wisp gives the room an accent of character. With its design and technological soul enclosed in an aluminum shell, the Promemoria table lamp can be dressed in gold, silver and bronze, as well as take on countless personalities with a metallic finish.

The Les Branches sofa is like a nest: warm, cozy and enveloping. Its wooden weave and soft tonefabrics create an inviting atmosphere, making it the star of the space.

The Bassano da gioco table is part of Promemoria’s best-selling products. A symbol of sharing and entertainment, it is a true jewel of craftsmanship. Inlays create the precious game table, with itscheckers, dominoes, and elegant chess pieces.

Promemoria Holiday Season

Christmas for Promemoria is dressed in green, inspired by Masharabya inlay. A precious geometric texture, the result of exquisite combinations of various wood essences, is created through the sophisticated craftsmanship of our cabinetmakers.

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