The Sahel Desert Essence

Milano 2022

The Sahel Desert Essence is the evocative theme used to tell the story of Promemoria 2022, and so the most beautiful, most perfect object is always that of tomorrow.

Just like the ever-transforming desert dunes, which never cease to amaze as they change.

Promemoria, brought to life by Romeo Sozzi, is synonymous with refined hands that, like the winds of the Desert, shape incredible, imaginative designs.

This is the magic of Promemoria, like the magic of the Desert.

The Sahel Desert Essence

The Sahel Inlay

Promemoria is a workshop where many hands act as living, intelligent tools, moving with passion and experience around different woods in the tireless pursuit of the essence of all that is beautiful, tasteful and great.

For The Sahel Desert Essence collection Promemoria relies once again on the masterful hands of its craftsmen to create the Sahel inlay, which decorates and embellishes Romeo Sozzi's beautiful creations. African walnut frisé, ebony, amaranth are just some of the essences that with their warm tones refer to the enveloping atmospheres of an imaginative, exotic desert, with dunes that appeared overnight and that creative winds have produced.

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