On May 4th Promemoria’s production facility resumes activity in compliance with all regulations regarding COVID-19 Emergency Phase 2.
This experience tested us deeply, but also made us understand the value of resilience, agility and ethical values in our company.
In recent weeks we have not been “steady waiting the storm was passing”. We worked hard to reshape our future securing our workplace and protecting the health of our craftsmen and employees. We introduced web tools to help us work and talk with employees and customers in different parts of the world, distant but always together. We redesigned our communications through digital catalogues showing the world our beautiful products while waiting to re-open our showrooms. 

We helped Lecco community with donation of medical materials supporting the local hospital during this tough times. 

Now, we are ready to start again with positive energy and optimism, with the desire to do what we love with even more enthusiasm, passion and determination.

Because WE are Promemoria

Our offices continue to be at your disposal in smart working mode while our craftsmen are ready to get back to work in our company headquarters. 

Many thanks to all of you for your kind gestures of affection and compassion during this period. 


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