Promemoria Universe

Promemoria is a reality with a long tradition, but constantly evolving. At its debut in interior decoration, in 1988, Romeo Sozzi chose for his business a name that is a declaration of love for the ability to conserve: the handmade, the extraordinary, the exceptional. Remembering the past to improve the future, this is the company's true mission, which sinks its roots in tradition to build a solid future. Deeply linked to the territory of Lake Como, Promemoria often produces custom made and limited edition products, which are also appreciated internationally.

  • Lake Como is where Promemoria has its origins and it has always been a great inspiration for its designers | Promemoria
  • Our history

    Promemoria has ancient roots. An adventure that began in the nineteenth century in a small town in Lake Como, where the Sozzi family ran a shop to restore and repair the carriages of the local aristocracy.

  • The fine craftsmanship techniques and the passion for high cabinet-making transform Promemoria's products into luxurious pieces of furniture | Promemoria
  • Art, luxury and craftsmanship

    Every single Promemoria product tells a story of impeccable craftsmanship techniques. The knowledge of the materials requires a refined exercise of the senses and the Italian artisans are the keepers of this wealth that is envied by the whole world.

  • Promemoria around the world: Promemoria has mono-brand showrooms in the most prestigious international cities - Milan, London, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Warsaw and Taipei | Promemoria
  • Promemoria around the world

    Promemoria products have learned to travel, reaching distant countries, always shining with their original beauty and interpreting the values ​​of the company: love for detail, passion and innovation.

  • All the designers that imagine and create Promemoria's pieces of furniture | Promemoria
  • Designers

    Promemoria designers create furniture like haute couture garments. It is furniture to watch, touch, smell and even listen to, while they resound in their symphony of woods, glasses and processed metals.

  • Promemoria has embarked on a path of corporate certifications according to the main international schemes | Promemoria
  • Certifications

    Beginning in 2010, Promemoria has embarked on a path of corporate certifications according to the main international schemes.

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