Art, luxury and craftsmanship

Promemoria is a universe of elegance and refinement, born from the passion of Romeo Sozzi for high cabinet-making. An elitist activity for specialists, that has carried on a family legacy of beauty and creativity for over four generations.

  • Italian roots

    Every single Promemoria product tells a story of impeccable craftsmanship techniques. The knowledge of the materials requires a refined exercise of the senses: the wisdom of a saddle stitch seam that shows unattainable perfection, the treatment of a wood that naturally follows its veins, the working of the stone that still has the first and only instrument in the hands of the stoneman.

    And again, the chromatic scale that makes the surface of the leather vibrate, the interweaving textures of the most sophisticated fabrics, the transparency play of Murano glass details and the sculptural beauty of the bronze casting processes. Italian craftsmanship is the repository of all this and represents a wealth that is envied and appreciated.

  • Research and Development

    In addition to manual art, Promemoria has always pursued the highest quality standards. For this reason it accompanies the artisan savoir-faire with a technological approach, using advanced numerical control machines.

    The Research and Development department studies new techniques for processing precious materials, to create unique pieces with a story to tell. This is where ICOSAEDRO was born, an innovative source of lighting with LED technology, the result of a research of over three years, and which today is able to reproduce the beauty of incandescent light with low consumption systems.

    The Light Laboratory, on the other hand, has a "Test Chamber", a department dedicated exclusively to the study of light alterations in relation to changing environmental conditions. A protected place, where the impalpability of light becomes real and concrete, to ensure the maximum efficiency of each product.

    This is how the Atelier is filled with objects and materials; a process that is perpetually poised between the finest craftsmanship skills and the highest precision workmanship.

  • Precious materials

    The attention to detail is combined with the use of exclusive materials. National and exotic wood essences, from Tuscan cypress, to the sucupira, to the Macassar ebony.

    The woods are monitored, matured, processed to attain total emotion. Tactile and olfactory impressions merge into a syntax of unrepeatable nuances.

    And then fabrics like silk, linen and cashmere: a microcosm of noble fibers intertwined with aristocratic metals such as bronze, silver and copper. Promemoria productions are completed by details in Murano glass, alabaster, marble and stone, lent by the purest Italian traditions to become handles, lampshades, emotions.

  • Quality and Authenticity Control

    For Promemoria, quality means above all responsibility towards the people who choose it. In addition to guaranteeing high-quality materials, maximum precision manufacturing and constantly evolving designs, it is essential for the company to certify its work to protect its customers.

    In line with these principles, Promemoria has undertaken a process of quality and authenticity control for its products, which provides a serial number, identifiable and traceable, engraved on a bronze plate of each piece and on the Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies the sale.