Lake Como is where Promemoria has its origins and it has always been a great inspiration for its designers. | Promemoria


Promemoria has ancient roots. An adventure that began in the nineteenth century in a small town in Lake Como, where the Sozzi family ran a shop to restore and repair the carriages of the local aristocracy. An activity for specialists and the elite. It is here, amid the scent of woods and mordants, that the craftsmanship that will give origin to Promemoria in the late Eighties took shape over four generations.

Promemoria is a manifactury where dreams are turned into luxury handcrafted furniture today.

Promemoria is a love declaration to the beauty that needs to be preserved and created.

A specific call is condensed in the name choice: Promemoria is prestige in terms of high quality, not as display, but rather as vital experience. Every piece is handmade, in limited edition if not part of a unique project, everything is of excellence and made with exclusive materials discovered at the four corners of the earth. Our mission: to remember the past in order to improve the future.
The symbol represents the three elements earth, fire and water. The space separating and connecting them embodies air.

The manufacture of dreams

Promemoria never has a moment of break; it is constantly evolving. A multifaceted production reality that grew over time, bringing together all the stages of processing: from the research of materials to the study of finishes, from fine craftsmanship - leather goods, upholstery, engraving - to high-tech processing - lighting and design.

Today Promemoria is a factory where dreams are transformed into luxury artisan furniture. The entrepreneurial and manufacturing nature have found a rare synthesis, because Romeo Sozzi does not fear small numbers, he often works to measure but acts in an international space that has wide geographical boundaries, where it meets the admirers of excellence and quality.

Promemoria never takes a break; it is costantly evolving. A multifaceted production reality that grew over time, bringing together all the stages of the process.

New generations

In the headquarters of Valmadrera the peculiar spirit that Romeo Sozzi was able to instil to the company is palpable, but the presence of the new generation, which is engaged in the various stages of production, is equally perceptible.

It is thanks to them that the international expansion of the label has become possible, maintaining the historic showroom in Milan but also being present in exclusive locations in major cities of the world: London, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Warsaw and Taipei.

Promemoria's new generation is engaged in the different stages of production and has made the international expansion of the brand possible | Promemoria
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