Taking inspiration from the iconic Bilou Bilou chair, Promemoria proudly presents Bilou Bilou table. The inspiration comes from the desert landscape, and in particular from the Atacama Desert, in Chile, which blooms every seven years.

The idea for Bilou Bilou table originates from one of these flowers. The legs, characterized by feet in smooth medium bronze and upholstered in fabric, as well as the lower part of the top, recall the flower stem and they raise inclined but strong from the ground in the intent to sustain the flower petals. These are represented by the round top with radial inlays, and the more central one recalls the flower petals. 

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Bassano是一款令人印象深刻的实木餐桌,配有青铜底座和嵌花式桌面,请参见Promemoria产品目录 | Promemoria
Bilou Bilou Table