• The desire for comparison and dialogue with artists united by the pursuit of beauty, always attentive to the new avant-gardes, is the basis of the collaboration between Promemoria and the architect Piero Castiglioni. Higgs LED lamps are the result of this new collaboration.

  • A lamp with an essential design

    Higgs explores the forms that matter can take. The impalpable lightness of Murano glass blown around a LED technology nebula joins the strength of the chromed frame, which supports it.

    Higgs, available in several versions and in three colors - transparent, amethyst and smoked - is the perfect synthesis between dynamism and balance, the two fundamental forces that allow life.

  • Time and matter

    Higgs belongs to the "Amaranthine Tales" collection, a tribute to time and its indefinable and unstoppable flow. For Promemoria, light is the true focal point of an environment, synonymous with beauty and suggestiveness, but also above all of continuous research in terms of technical and aesthetic innovation.

    The name Higgs itself recalls the world of physics and matter, homage to the latest scientific discoveries and human cleverness. The incredible technological content of this lamp, combined with the design by Piero Castiglioni, makes Higgs a true icon for design lovers.

  • The design by Piero Castiglioni

    Piero Castiglioni has been a protagonist of Made in Italy design for over forty years. His interest in the lighting world dates back to the 70s, when he witnessed the commercialization of the first halogen light bulbs. These technological innovations fascinated the architect to the point of pushing him to specialize on the engineering components of light, until he became one of the leading exponents of lighting technology worldwide.

    The collaboration between Promemoria and Piero Castiglioni stems from the company's desire to work with artists involved in the search for avant-garde solutions in the expression of beauty. The Higgs lamp confirms the great vocation of Piero Castiglioni towards the functional and emotional research of light.

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