Promemoria X Biennale di Venezia 2024

Biennale di Venezia 2024

Marriage of the Sea (the Rape of Venice)

A palace that becomes the sea, jellyfish dancing along with Titian's Venus, polyps intertwining with centaurs, and corals, angels, and Venice, its beauty, its history, sinking underwater.

This is the extraordinary setting created by Austin Young/Fallen Fruit in collaboration with Promemoria for the 18th-century Palazzo Cesari Marchesi.

The artwork is a celebration of the lagoon, comprising a kaleidoscopic portrait of Venice, a collage of the artist's original photographs and images culled from archives during visits to the city's museums, churches and palazzos.

Curated by Viola Romoli and Luigi Franchin, directors of THE POOL NYC gallery.

Palazzo Cesari Marchesi

Calle Rombiasio 2539, Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, Venezia

April 18th to June 30th

"As an artist, I attempt to create a sublime experience that changes how you feel upon entering the room,
aiming to share my perceptions through an aesthetic experience."

Austin Young

Bilou Bilou and Komodo
protagonists at Biennale di Venezia 2024

In this marine theater, Promeoria's iconic and colorful Bilou Bilou play a starring role.

Insolent by nature, hilarious in the name, with its eclectic personality, it embraces different and ever-new styles, also claiming a talisman status.

The Bilou Bilou is one of the iconic pieces designed by Romeo Sozzi and personifies the soul, design and high quality of the Promemoria brand around the world.

The Komodo chaise longue, on the other hand, like an island paradise, is a place of escape, a bubble of peace in which to wander to distant worlds.

Komodo is created like a tailored suit, “sewn on” to embrace one who uses it, bringing maximum comfort.

The chaise longue is part of a entire family, including sofas, ottomans and a bed, all sharing the same vision.

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