Romeo Sozzi, famous designer and founder of Promemoria | Promemoria

Romeo Sozzi


"Luxury is a dream, the project is the realization" 


Beauty that is Good

A notebook always in his pocket, pens and pencils. Romeo Sozzi, Founder of Promemoria, notes things down by instinct and passion. He sees a shape and outlines it: the profile of a mountain that will evolve into a handle or the sinuosity of a lake wave that will become a work in bronze. And then the colors: words on paper to define the nuance of a cloud, a rock, an inflorescence and then, with the inseparable box of watercolors, he reconstructs them.

"Smart colors", he says "are to be separated from the stupid colors which I do not care about". Bold, whispered, silent colors; ready to be blended or softly contrasted with woods, fabrics and metals. Romeo lives the idea and slowly transforms it into a product. A design attitude that selects and grasps the essence of things and situations. A life devoted to the pursuit of beauty: beauty that is good.

The man and his passions

Romeo Sozzi loves to travel a lot. When he is not around the world looking for inspiration, he can be found in his company, or immersed in the silence of his villa on the lake. Here Romeo reads, studies, draws, writes, collects objects, consults his precious books, searches for his muses in small objects, great pieces of art and furniture from all over the world.

It is his eclecticism to shed full light on Romeo Sozzi, a labyrinth of passions that lives by collection, spontaneity, aspiration to beauty and determination.

Romeo Sozzi's collection of frogs of all shapes and types | Promemoria

The Frog

The frog is the symbol of Promemoria. This animal has been a source of curiosity and study for the founder of the company, long before the start of his business. For years, Romeo Sozzi has collected frogs of all shapes and types. Valuable collectibles, but also more common specimens, provided they have the ability to capture attention.

Then, one day, Romeo began to draw them, thus transforming the archetype of the frog into small tools in common use, such as candles or doorstops, or refined decorative details. The frog, as a symbol of metamorphosis, transforms the past to leap into the future, becoming the expression of an attitude which is dear to the company: the ability to preserve and at the same time ennoble the roots from which we all come. Just enough to make the "Sozzi Frog" the animus of Promemoria.

Romeo Sozzi, famous designer and founder of Promemoria

Romeo Sozzi

Romeo Sozzi was born in 1948 in Valmadrera and completed his studies in Milan at Brera Academy. Deep lover of his land, he has always lived in Lecco, surrounded by nature but a stone's throw from the big city. In the Seventies he made his debut in interior decoration and in 1988 he founded his company, Promemoria, which over time became a creative and productive reality with an international appeal, but also an inexhaustible test bench for innovative projects.

Rigor and discipline are his main features, yes, but always with a vivid look and a good dose of enthusiasm. Because the activity of Romeo Sozzi does not end in the professional sphere but it is a continuous flow, a wave of thought that permeates every corner, even the most intimate, of his being.

Romeo Sozzi is a designer but remains above all an artist: an admirer of the sensuality of life, always observing, taking notes, listening to harmonies, breathing fragrances, tasting new flavors, caressing materials and travelling the world.

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