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Tom Bombadil is a cabinet with an essential geometry, with a wooden structure - available in different essences - and bronze profiles.

The real quintessence of this piece of furniture is the Murano glass handle, through which light penetrates and projects color plays. This detail makes each piece even more unique.

Inside the shelves are made of glass with bronze profiles, the lighting is LED and placemats are in leather. Tom Bombadil is customizable with bronze top and doors.

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As testimony to a legendary art, Promemoria pieces represent the highest expression of the purest Italian excellence. Craftsmen through ancient techniques and fine materials create an extraordinary symphony of traditions.

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Tom Bombadil Sahel
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Tom Bombadil
  • Dimensions of Tom Bombadil, a wooden cabinet with bronze profiles and a Murano glass handle, from Promemoria's catalogue | Promemoria