Amaranthine Tales

Milan 2017
  • Each Promemoria collection has its own inspiration. "Amaranthine Tales" is a name that recalls distant roots, which come to life in literature and mythology. In Milton's "Lost Paradise", the amaranth plants are celebrated for their ability to never wither. But the immutability of this plant was known even to the ancient Greeks, who used its flowers to adorn the images of the gods.

  • Time runs through the entire "Amaranthine Tales" collection. Its indefinable and unstoppable flow has always been a theme particularly dear to Promemoria, which recalls the past with each collection to improve the future, creating furniture that transcends time and cannot be labeled neither as classics nor contemporaries.

    "Amaranthine Tales" expresses the desire to make the beauty of human creations immortal, to add a principle of transcendence to everyday life.

  • Amaranth wood

    "Amaranthine Tales" is a concept that comes from amaranth wood, a precious wood found in the tropical regions of America. When it is fresh, it has a gray-brown color, but seasoning gives this essence an unmistakable violet shade. The amaranth, with its prized and very resistant wood, tackles the passage of time in the wisest way: by becoming more precious.

  • The timeless design by Promemoria

    Mahogany, ebony, bronze, leather, silk and Murano glass were also used for this collection in addition to amaranth. These precious materials, which time has delivered to eternity, have been shaped to recreate the harmonious proportions of the golden section. The drawings, shapes and finishes of "Amaranthine Tales" speak to the soul but welcome the body, satisfying its wishes and requests.

  • Features of the collection

    The "Amaranthine Tales" collection is composed of several new furnishing proposals. Presented during the Milan Design Week 2017, this Promemoria collection is able to furnish the space inhabited by man with shapes studied in his own image, without neglecting any detail.

    Light, technological innovations, high cabinet-making and prestigious finishes are some of the features. The proportions of the golden section meet the details of the precious materials and the refined craftsmanship, creating elegant, timeless furniture.

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