Indigo Tales

Milan 2018
  • "Indigo Tales" is Promemoria 2018 collection that shows how the colors of the wind, the lake and the soul are mixed in a single color: indigo. A passepartout color, which guides us in the search for a shade capable of overcoming and encompassing any other.

  • Indigo impressions

    Blue is the world's most popular color, since it has something to offer everyone with its full spectrum of shades. But indigo is not a generic blue: it brings with it the radicality of white and black, and gives it an extra dimension, plunging deeper and discovering an unexpected variation. Indigo is the revenge of blue on black and its limits: it sets itself free from the vulnerability to reflections that makes it appear now shiny and silvery, now opaque and gray.

  • At the beginning it was the color

    Indigo is a shade of dark blue that is more than just a color: it is a journey through time, space and depth. Used since the dawn of time, it was known to the Neolithic populations of the regions where the shrub that produces its pigment grows; it was in use under the 5th Egyptian Dynasty; in the eighteenth century it established itself definitively in Europe, defeating ancestral prejudices that labeled any variety of blue like barbaric tint. Today it is admired by the most refined explorers of the textile tradition and it is an indispensable tool for creators.


  • Features of the collection

    Over the years, Promemoria has based its research, in addition to shapes and materials, on a passionate dedication to color. Because color brings movement and the home cannot be a static environment. For "Indigo Tales" the path led to find only after a long time the sought shade of indigo. This blue, dark as the deep ocean, is the basic element of an alphabet from which each of the Indigo Tales has been conceived, produced, told.

    With Iris, a dining chair, indigo is wrapped around the object, while in the bookcase Cora blue dialogues with bronze, in an intense decorative exchange. In the armchair Bomb, ironic and extrovert, blue can be replaced by all the other colors of the rainbow, while in Edon indigo leaves room for bronze, to create a more modern and vigorous view of the home.

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