After a first realization of the dining room, the new bar area of ​​the Yacht Club de Monaco was recently inaugurated, made entirely by Promemoria on a custom project. Maintaining the same rules of eco-responsibility of the entire building, for the interior design of the new bar area they have been used FSC-traced woods, natural water-based finishes, vegetable dyes for leathers and much more.

The focal point of the space is a large bronze wind rose chandelier that dominates the room and immediately characterizes the environment. All along the walls, an original maple wood paneling, with hand-made details, is interspersed with navy-colored leather profiles. The same leather is used on the bar counter and on the sofas with capitonné motif.

Even the seats, created ad hoc for this project and part of the Promemoria collections with the name Twiga, have an enveloping structure in natural oak wood and leather seat. Oak, together with mahogany, is also found in the tables, personalized by a precious inlay on the top that reproduces the emblem of the prestigious Club.

Photographed by Giacomo Albo.

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