Magica Alchimia

Milano 2023

There is something alchemical in the philosophy that guides the choices and visions of a company like Promemoria.

The 2023 collection found its keyword in alchemical magic.

Like a medieval alchemist it united the opposites, similarly, Promemoria works on the imperfections of matter to bring them to perfection. It acts magically on wood, glass and metals creating magical and surprising combinations.

Wood first.

Because wood is to Promemoria what marble was to Canova or bronze to Pomodoro. It is not an inert material, but a living organism that must be “understood.”

Promemoria knows and does this. It listens, observes and probes wood.

It works on the wood creating cuts and joints. It planes, smooths and shapes it.

It polishes the wood until it becomes like silk or velvet.

Giving it form and voice. Making it speak.

Then it connects it with other materials.
Couplings, relationships, and associations. Alchemies.

Promemoria is not strictly industrial, but neither is it a simple carpenter’s workshop: rather it is “in between”, an atelier dedicated to research, innovation and experimentation.

Materials are worked with the curiosity of alchemists and passion and dedication of old master craftsmen.

Furniture is manufactured like a violin. It must resonate, and convey tactile harmonies and chromatic melodies.

" Promemoria’s furniture is an alchemical wonder - items to admire, touch, smell, gently caress and even listen to in their wooden symphony that dialogues with other fine materials, glass, fabrics, and worked metals ".


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